4G Series

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Santroll the IV Generation (International Leading)


Five Performance Advantages

International standard products safety and technology level benchmarked

1、The sole company who using multi-source temperature detection and collaborative control network in China, makes the temperature of power system visual and controllable;

2、The ingress protection grade of all components meets the national standard requirements;

3、The high voltage insulation protection level of power system is improved to a new stage, totally international standard benchmarked;

4、Pioneered double source electric hydraulic power steering system in China.


Guide the safety standard in the whole industry

      Using double source main motor and double source generator, leading the reliability in the whole industry.


Fuel consumption per hundred kilometer < 20 liters


Pure electric time > 70%

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Typical Chinese City Bus Drivi-ng cycle (CCBC), pure electric ratio of time is 77.1%

Bus line 803 in Tianjin, the  measured pure electric ratio  of time is 71.43%

Particulate matter be reduced 90%


Contrast test between the conventional bus and Santroll the IV generation plug-in deep hybrid bus