5G Series

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Santroll 5 Generation (New Energy Bus Smart Choice)

——Power Transmission Assembly


Scope of application:

This assemblycan be used in parallel, series-parallel, range-extended (series) and pure electric new energy buses.

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Application Fields:

The buses which equippedwith this assembly can be used as public transportation, social groups, long-distance passenger transportation and etc.

Features and advantages:

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Santroll the V Generation Power Transmission Assembly

 User customization oriented, insist on researching and developing with “platformization, modularization, integration, lightweight, simplification”, and have formed series of products.

1、The components 10-in-1: the automatic clutch, ISG, ISG controller, AMT, main driving motor, main driving motor controller, cooling water pump motor assembly, water pump motor controller, TCU, and ECU are integrated in one unit;

2、Parallel, series-parallel, range-extended (series) and pure electric are all covered;

3、The system is safe, reliable, durable, energy-efficient and universal;

4、The ingress protection is IP67;

5、Passive high voltage safety design, adopts permanent magnet reluctance motor;

6、Single source, double source, low temperature, high temperature are all adapted;

7、8-12 meter buses are all covered (8-9m bus can just use parallel system);

8、Low velocity (bus), high velocity (sightseeing and long-distance passenger transportation) are all covered.

The composition of the mechanical unit assembly: (automatic clutch, ISG, AMT, main driving motor, cooling pump motor and etc.)


Santroll the V Generation Mechanical Unit


1、High efficiency: adopts advanced permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor technology, combines the advantage of permanent magnet motor and reluctance motor, the efficiency is 95%, compared with conventional permanent motors, the permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor is wide-range speed governed, and low requirement for inverters;

2、High safety: in the high speed field weakening region, the counter electromotive force is lower than permanent magnet, so the safety of the vehicle is improved and the risk of the vehicle drift that caused by the motor control failure and the second high voltage electric shock is greatly reduced;

3、Long-life: using 180℃ level temperature resistance magnetic steel, and unique cooling structure design, avoid the irreversible demagnetization issue that caused by high temperature;

4、High performance: the ATM automatic transmission can optimize the work area of the engine, reduce the high power working time, excellent gradeability, increasing the adaptation of terrain.

The composition of electrical control unit: (vehicle control unit, transmission control unit, integrated starter generator controller, main driving motor controller, water pump motor controller and etc.)


                                                Santroll the V generation Electrical Control Unit


1、The vehicle controller, transmission control unit, main driving motor controller and water pump controller are all integrated in one unit;

2、Integrate with the mechanical unit;

3、High voltage connection points are reduced from 32 to 4.