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Technical Services

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Service aim

Untiring service, practice commitment, give full play to our advantages, give top priority to product quanlity. Uphold “take the customer as the center”the service objective, looking for quanlity breakthrough again, to meet the customers’ requirements with excellent products, preferential prices, and excellent service.

Team scale

We have more than 40 maintenance engineers, and except Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao, the rest of the provinces are all covered by Santroll’s service stations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be paid attention to high voltage system when hybrid buses are welded?

     Answer: When you do welding on buses which equipped with Santroll hybrid system, the low voltage wiring harness of main motor controller, low voltage wiring harness of the generator controller, low voltage wiring harness of the power-assisted oil pump should be all pulled out, and after welding, the plugs can be plugged in place.

    (1)The 24V power supply should be cut off, and pull the fast breaker out:



(2)Open the lower cover of the generator controller (left side of high voltage cabin), you will see the low voltage plug of the generator, pull it out:


(3)Pull the low voltage plugs of motor controller out (right side of the high voltage cabin):


(4)Pull the wiring harness of power-assisted system out (at the bottom of the supercapacitor supporter on the right side of high voltage cabin):


2、How long is the change cycle of the power-assisted oil?

   Answer: the hydraulic oil must be changed in 2,500km, and clean the oil tank, filters and pipes. From the second, the oil should be change and clean up should be done every 20,000km.

3、How to exhaust the air after the steering gear be changed?

     Answer: Turn the key on and let the system running, fill the oil while turning the wheel, until the oil level is at the right position.

4、What is the requirement of the belt tightening for using BSG generator hybrid system?

    Answer: (1) To be sure the pulley end of the generator and engine in the same level during installation. 

                  (2) The motor supporter should have tensioning mechanism, and should as close as possible to the engine.

                  (3) The banded v belt is suggested.

                  (4) The tensile force of the belt should meet the requirement (pre-tensile force 550-65-N)

5、What tools and instruments should be prepared for hybrid buses maintenance? 


6、 What should be done for battery checking and maintaining? 

       Answer: Mainly including:

           (1)Outside dust extraction;

           (2)Measure the voltage of signal cells;

           (3)Check the electrolyte is enough or not;

           (4)Check all connections and fixations. 

7、How to deal with the hybrid buses abnormal wading? 

     Answer: At first the high voltage power supplier should be cut off, check the insulativity of all high voltage components after the water been cleaned, check all wiring harness, plugs to see if there is any waterlogging.

8、How to figure out the faults when the electric brake failure?

     Answer: At first check the output signal of brake pedal if it is normal, secondly, check the connection and communication with the control system if it is noral, than check the control system if it is normal.