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Forklift Controller

Electric forklift driving system



The intrinsic parameters can be changed by program devices.

Project advantages:

DC forklift control system solution

1、Operation sequence protection function;

2、High power separately excited motor walking control, start steadily and climbing powerfully;

3、Smart pump control of delay output after the programming is closed; 

4、Main circuit and control circuit has the function of emergency cut-off;

5、Zero emission, low noise, and high working efficiency;

6、Electrical self-protected function, the electromagnetic compatibility reaches the international standard.

Semi-AC forklift control system solution

1、Friendly HMI and interactive multi-functional liquid crystal instrument, good appearance, large amount of information, password setting, and maintenance free;

2、Walking speed and lifting speed are close loop control;  

3、Selections function of low and high speed;

4、Zero emission, low noise, high efficiency;

5、Electromagnetic compatibility reaches the international standard.

AC forklift control system solution

1、Reliable AC walking motor controller and AC pump motor controller, brushless, self-protection and maintenance free;
CAN bus technology, wiring reduced, ensure the reliability of the signal transmission;  
3、Selections function of low and high speed;
4、High efficiency, simple structure, easy to be cooled and long working life;
5、The electromagnetic compatibility reaches the international standard.

AC asynchronous motor controller



1、Adopt dual CPU control; the CPU each performs its own functions, running faster, better real-time performance, and high reliability;

2、0 to 300Hz, low noise running;

3、The rated voltage rang is from 48V to 96V, the current can reach 350A to 650A in two minutes;

4、Advanced pulse width modulation technology, ensure the battery can be used efficiently, reduce the motor consumption and torque conversion loss;

5、Santroll’s AC controller can adapt all types of AC motors;

6、Adopt high speed CAN bus control, the data of walking motor and pump motor can be exchanged between instruments, it makes the control flexible;

7、The controller can be programmed online, so the controller is an upgradability product;

8、Adopt dual-layer aluminum base board design, ensures the high safety, insulativity, heat dispersion of the products, and the reliability as well;

9、Battery electrode reverse connect protection, the output driver short circuit and open circuit protection, overtemperature protection, the alarms and automatic power off setting provide protections for motors and its electrical control;

10、IP 65, meet the requirement of severe environment;

11、The products have passed the CE certification.


Be widely used in electric forklift, electric field vehicles, sightseeing vehicles, sanitation vehicles and all kinds of electric vehicles.

Separately excited motor controller

22.jpg 23.jpg


1、Regenerative brake, increase the range of the battery pack, reduce the motor brush wear and motor heating;

2、Adjustable braking rate, can achieve a smooth throttle release brake;

3、Two options of operation modes, the peak speed of vehicle also can be adjusted;

4、Motor parameters are programmed, so that it can adapt to different motors;

5、The speed signal can be detected by hall sensor; the capacity of speed control is increased;

6、Backward slip preventing, increase the control ability when the throttle is released when the vehicle is on slope;

7、Locked-rotor protection function helps avoiding the damage of the motor commutator;

8、High pedal ban (HPD) and SRO interlock for avoiding the galloping when the vehicle start;

9、Antiskid braking restricts the stop or low speed slide after locking;

10、Comprehensive fault diagnosis can be done by programming device;

11、Compatible potentiometer type, hall type, and induction type of accelerators.;

12、High strength and waterproof ABS shell;

13、It meets or even higher than the EEC requirements for fault detection;

14、The product has passed the CE certification.


Be widely used in all kinds of electric field vehicles, golf cart, electric cars.

Smart Series Excited Motor Controller



1、Adopt high frequency and multiple order PWM control mode, ensure the speed regulation steadier, operating more efficient, and no high frequency noise;

2、The vehicle will slows down to stop and then reverse acceleration while the faulty operation during driving;

3、The controller will be output disable while there is a input on accelerator when the controller key be turned on;

4、Adopt high power MOSFET and rapid schottky array, they reduce the system power consumption greatly;

5、Advance structure design and SMT technology ensure the product quality with high reliability and batch consistency;

6、Adopt standard industrial connectors, it has a high protection grade and the connections are more reliable;

7、The products have passed the CE certification.


Be widely used in all kinds of electric sightseeing carts, field service carts, and electric patrol cars, electric transport vehicles, golf carts and all kind of electric vehicles.

Forklift Instrument



1、The instrument adopts black and white LCD screen, the content on the instrument also can be clearly read even in bright light;

2、The instrument has self-heating function, the screen can display normally even in the cold region;

3、Adopt high strength sealing film, high temperature ultraviolet resistance, the IP grade can be IP67, and terminal connectors can be IP65;

4、The instrument adopts 240*128 screen, can display more rich contents;

5、The keys adopt long life type, can reach more than 1 million times;

6、The products have passed the CE certification.


The instrument can be used with the full AC forklift controller, semi-AC forklift controller and DC forklift controller together.