Tianjin Santroll Electric Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Tianjin Airport Economic Zone, a private high and new technology enterprise which devote continuously to provide the power system solutions and core components for new energy aotumobile. The company has launched urban public transportation oriented Santroll I generation series bus hybrid power system, Santroll II generation parallel bus hybrid power system, Santroll III serioparalle bus hybrid power system, Santroll IV generation plug-in deep hybrid power system, Santroll 4S plug-in deep hybrid system, Santroll 4C plug-in deep hybrid power system; and all the plug-in deep hybrid power products can be extended to conventional hybrid power system; Santroll has successively developed and mastered the critical technology of new engery automobile power system for pure electric passenger car, pure electric bus and pure electric special purpose vehicle, as well as the high reliability, high safety electro-hydraulic power steering, intelligent electronic radiator (water tank) inter-cooled fan and other electric auxiliary products. In October 2010, Santroll launched the III generation hybrid power bus system, and became the benchmark in the bybrid power bus system field in China. This system took the lead to realize and accomplish the engine idling start and stop, and the actual road condition fuel saving ratio can be more than 32%. In December 2013, Santroll launched the IV generation plug-in deep hybrid power bus system, this system was appraised by the experts from China Society of Automotive Engineering, had reached the leading level in the world. The buses which assembled with the Santroll IV generation deep hybrid bus system (bus, 12 meters long, 18 tons full loaded, air condition off), the hundred kilometers average fuel consumption can reach 20 liters level in non-plug in conditions, and the pure electric driving time is more than 70%, the PM particles emission reduction can be 90%, the reliability and safety of the products can totally meet the international standard. In 2014, Santroll successively launched the IV generation serialization products, such as Santroll 4S, Santroll 4C, Santroll double MINI and Santroll double power. Santroll has applied for more than 800 national patents, and we are the National Technology Center, the National intellectual Property Pilot Enterprise, the New Energy Automobile Drive Technology Engineering R&D Center in Tianjin; Santroll successively passed the certificates of ISO9001, and ISO/TS16949; Santroll had won the honors of Tianjin Technology Advancement Award, Binhai New Area Technology Advancement Award and etc.

As of December 2015, the buses which equipped with Santroll system are operating in more than 100 cities, the accumulative sales is more than 12,000, the market share is more than 25% percent for two consecutive years in China; The buses equipped with Santroll the 4th generation system have operated in Tianjin, Shanghai, Yancheng, Foshan, Xiamen and etc.