Quantity Assurance

Quality Policy

1、Market oriented: The only way which makes all the works that Santroll did is meeting the customer’s requirements and accepted by the market;

2、Quality Priority: the production is done according to Products Quality Standard, Santroll family firmly believe that the key for winning the competition is: the first is Quality, the second is Quality and the third is also Quality;

3、Sustainable Innovation: the driving force for the development of the enterprise is innovation, as a modern enterprise, in order to make the enterprise sustainable development, the products can occupy and consolidate the market, we must insist the sustainable innovation of technology, management, quality, concept, and especially the system;

4、The pursuit of endless: Santroll’s effort direction is always the customer’s needs and expectation; we fully meet the customer’s requirements, improve the customer’s satisfaction, and further achieve the enterprise benefit maximization through improving the quality management system and continuously improving the product quality and production process.

Quality System



Santroll had passed ISO/TS16949 certificate in 23th Feb. 2012.

ISO/TS16949: 2009 is the technical standard and specification of international automobile industry; it is based on ISO9001, and added the technical standard and specifications of automobile industry. The Standards and Specifications is completely consistent with ISO9001:2008, but more focus on defect prevention, reduce the quality fluctuation and waste during the components supply chain. The management for ISO/TS16949:2009 certificate is executed by the five supervisory organizations which are representatives of IATF, they use the same programs and methods for supervising the standard operation and implementation of ISO/TS16949, so that there can form a completely consistent standards and operations in the world.



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