Tianjin New Energy Automotive Drive Technology 

Engineering Center


Santroll founded the Tianjin Engineering Technology center in 2013, according to the standards of Ministry of Science and Technology “National Key Laboratory Construction and Operation Management Measures”. 

The center occupies 1078 square meters, has a advanced Three-comprehensive laboratory, anechoic room, large-scale environmental test chamber, walking-in salt fog test chamber, sand and dust test chamber and CNC machining machines in the industry, has group-pulse electromagnetic interference machine, thermal infrared imager hundreds of advanced equipments, 7 buses for testing, and dozens of passenger vehicles for testing. Hundreds kinds of projects can be done in the center, the center can provide the best-equipped, the most perfect facilities and the most advanced comprehensive professional inspection in the industry of new energy automotive components in China, ensures the functionality, safety, and durability of the products, and can greatly improve the efficiency of the vehicles system development, shorten the development cycle and reduce the test cost.

The purpose of the engineering center is that validates the facilities and makes them conductive to technological innovation, achievements transformation mechanism through establishing of engineering research, cultivates and improves the capacity of independent innovation, builds the bridge between the enterprise and research institutes, researches and develops the key and common technologies in the industry, accelerates the industrialization of the scientific research achievements, promotes and increases technology progress and core competitive in the industry.