Universities Cooperation


The cooperation of industry-study-research is the very important support for technology enterprise developing, Santroll insists the way of industry-study-research for dozen of years, and using this as the way for technology updating and new technology absorption. The company has “Santroll Company Enterprise Technology Center Industry-Study-Research Cooperation Management Measures”, cooperates with universities institutes oriented by the market successively established the close product development and industrialization relations with Tianjin University, Tsinghua University, Toingji University, Chinese Automotive Technology and Research Centre and SEA-China, signed a number of technology research cooperation contracts, the Technology Center will complete 10 industry-study-research projects, and 2 of them are national projects.

In 2014, Santroll further strengthen the industry-study-research cooperation, had a deep cooperation with CATARC information research institute, testing institute and standard institute. Meanwhile, Santroll is combined with Tianjin University National Key Laboratory’s research capacity, promotes the electric vehicle motor, electrical controller technology’s application and transformation, increases the level of compatibility and engineering, provides the advanced technologies for the companies of battery, engine assembly, auto chips, the vehicle assembly and etc..

In addition, The Center jointly established the “Santroll Innovation Laboratory”, from 2014 to 2017, Santroll will provide not less than 300,000 RMB grant funds, and the teachers, equipments, instruments, training opportunities as well. In order to promote the communication between the students and enterprise environment, increase the operational ability; select the mechanical and electronic students as the reserve talents of the company. The center will take in not less than 20 students practice in the laboratory and more than 6 trainings for engineers.